Cool Canines: Ways to Keep your Pooch Happy in Hot Weather

With panting as the only option to help regulate their temperature, hot weather can be very uncomfortable for dogs. Making sure they don’t overheat and stay at a reasonable temperature is necessary for those living in hot climates or during the summer. Here are a few tips to help keep your dog happy and healthy when the temperatures are rising. Walk in Early Morning or Evening: Avoiding the midday sun is key to keeping your dog happy. While your dog may typically prefer going on several walks throughout the day, try to  make them short when the sun is beating down. Early morning walks help to beat the heat, as to those in the evening, or even night if proper reflective and lighting gear is worn. Keep on the Grass: When walking your dog, remember his paws are going to feel the heat of the asphalt, and in some cases, it could even burn them. Sand can also get very hot, so try to let your dog walk in grassed areas when the sun has been beating down on the ground. Your dog’s paws will thank you for it. Stay in the Shade: If you have a fenced yard or your dog goes outside on a lead, make sure there is a shaded area for your dog. Dog houses can get very hot with the sun beating down on them, so unless it has great ventilation, be cautious of your dog laying in them. Some people set up canopies outdoors […]

Warm Woofers: Winter Ways to Make Sure Fido Stays Comfortable

For some dogs, winter is their favorite time of year, from cool weather to burrowing through the snow. For other dogs, especially those with very short hair, or dogs with arthritis, it is an uncomfortable season. Regardless of how much they like the season though, it’s important to make sure you keep your pet warm and healthy for the duration of the cold months. There are plenty of options to help keep your pup happy when the snow flies, so here are a just a few of them you try out to help your dog have a more pleasant winter experience. Limit your Time Outdoors: If your dog has tendencies to get cold easily, try to move most of your exercise activities indoors. A short walk combined with indoor play can give your dog the energy release she needs. Try playing tug of war, or rolling a ball down a hallway. You can also try to encourage your dog to go on a scavenger hunt. Fill a favorite toy with an aromatic treat, let the dog take a whiff, and hide it somewhere in the house for her to find. Protect those Paws: For dogs who love being outdoors in the winter, it is your job to make sure they’re not getting too cold. Some dogs get so engrossed in playing outdoors that they don’t even realize they are cold. If you can, coax your pooch into wearing booties. This will protect their paws from the cold, and keep salt […]

Tips for Adopting Your Next Dog

Adopting dogs and rescuing them from shelters is a rewarding and mutually beneficial way to meet a great pet. Dogs are saved from situations that may have not been ideal, while you provide them with the loving home they so rightfully deserve. Many people are hesitant about adopting a pet, as they don’t know its history, but with a little patience and understanding it can be a very rewarding situation. Don’t just stick to puppies: While many shelters and animal adoption agencies do offer puppies, consider instead adopting an adult dog. Puppies require a lot of patience and hard work to make them into well behaved adult dogs. By adopting an adult, even if they are only two or three years old, you’re getting a dog whose personality has already developed and hopefully has learned appropriate behavior. With a fully formed personality, it is easier to see if the dog is an appropriate match for your family. Consider an old dog: It your lifestyle is slow paced, consider adopting an elderly dog. These dogs often have reduced fees in hopes that they are able to find a home quicker in which they can enjoy their limited golden years. Many of these dogs aren’t used to a shelter atmosphere and sleeping in a kennel can be very upsetting to them. Adopting an elder dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience because the dogs have had so many years to learn how to love and just want a place to call home […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vacationing with Your Pet

Having a pet can add an extra dimension to the vacation planning process. Can someone watch the dog? Should we board her for the week? Could she come with us? Most dog owners have a hard time leaving their pets, and end up spending vacation wondering how the dog is and checking in to make sure all is well. Even with the most reputable dog boarding kennels, owners still wonder if their dog is happy, if he is making friends, if he misses you. The list goes on and on, and even after your best friend watches your furry best friend for a week, you worry that your dog will prefer her to you and, ugh let’s just stay home. But why not consider having your pet join you on vacation? That will relieve any worries of separating. So here’s a few do’s and don’ts of traveling with Fido. DO Plan Ahead: While you may typically be a free spirit on your vacation, it takes a little extra work when you’re bringing along a furry companion. Make sure your lodging allows pets, and what the stipulations are in regards having a pet in your hotel room or campsite. Most won’t allow you to leave them unattended. DON’T Rule out Renting a House: If you’re going to be staying in one place for the duration of your trip, see if there are any pet friendly vacation properties available. They’re often a better deal than a hotel, and it provides the added […]

Dear Santa Paws: A Gift Wish List from the Dog

Dear Santa Paws, As my owners tell me daily, I’ve been a very good boy this year, and aside from that one incident with the cat, I think I deserve more than just some treats. The cat had it coming anyway. So, being such a good dog, here are some things I’d like to have. I promise I won’t bother the cat anymore. Unless he deserves it. Which he will… You see the way he looks at me from his kitty condo, plotting something evil. But I’m getting off track. Wait… is that steak I smell? No? Okay, here’s the goods: New Kong: All the other dogs have those rubber chew toys, and their owners fill them with treats and peanut butter and they smell so good! Some of them have even been passed down their Kong from generation to generation since they last so long! I’d love to chew on one and get rewarded with a tasty snack inside! Gentle Leader: Sometimes when we go for walks, I get carried away when I smell something and you have to tug on my leash a little bit and my collar gets uncomfortable. If you put me in a gentle leader, when you pull it just applies a little pressure to my snout and gets me back on track. I’ll probably be a much better walking companion with a gentle leader. Harness: I wouldn’t mind a harness either for walks if you don’t want to get me a Gentle Leaders. Those […]

Favorite Foods: Dog Edition

While your pooch may be a mooch, and those puppy dog eyes may be hard to say no to, there are certain foods that they shouldn’t eat, but there is plenty of human food that you can both share. Specific animals do require a special diet, so be sure to keep this in mind when planning a meal or treat for your anima. Avoid using seasonings when preparing a portion for your dog, and keep in mind any sensitivities or allergies your pet may have. Eggs: This versatile treat is great for your dog, and can help her to maintain a healthy shiny coat. They can be cracked over dry dog food for an added bit of flavor. Or try making a scramble to share as a protein filled meal with a little meat and cheese. Just be sure to only season your portion. Many people also don’t know that dogs can eat a whole egg, as the shell is filled with nutrients. Sweet Potatoes: Take your leftover mashed sweet potatoes or yams and give them to your dog as a nutritious supplement to their meal. Some dogs will eat it plain, but it he doesn’t seem interested in it, stir it into their dry food or mix it with a little milk. They contain high levels of vitamin A which supports eye health, and fiber which aids in digestions, both are beneficial to your pet’s diet. Chicken Liver: Okay, this may not be a human favorite, but your pup […]

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