20 Most Important Dog Caring Tips

Before getting a dog into your house it is essential to understand how to properly take care of it. You need to arrange for its needs i.e. both physical as well as emotional. This means the the dog should be provided nutritious food, proper drinking water and proper shelter. It also comprise making sure that the dog stays happy and gets plenty of exercise, sufficient play time, and has mind stimulation activities. Following are some of the basic dog are tips every dog owner must follow: Your dog must be fed with a high quality food. Always consult your veterinarian for proper food recommendations. Your dog must be fed on a regular schedule. Your dog should have easy access to water at all times. Always supply a bowl of clean drinking water. Consult a good and reliable veterinarian. Get your dog regularly vaccinated in order to protect both you and your pet against deadly diseases. Treat your dog with regular parasite preventive treatments to avoid risks such as heartworm, ticks etc. Brush your dog regularly in order to help it reduce shedding and it also lets you assess the state of your dog’s body. Keep your dog’s coat clean as dirty coats can lead to infections. Also get your dog’s coat trimmed with a dog trimmer once it grows. Get your dog’s nail trimmed regularly to ensure your dog has healthy paws. Arrange the right amount of exercise based on the type of dog you have. Also socialize your dog.Dogs need […]

How To Take Perfect Care Of Your Dog

Before placing a dog in your home, it is necessary to know how to take care of it. It is necessary to provide for its needs, both physically and emotionally. This means the provision of nutritious food, shelter, clean water and the space to live in a safe house. It also means to ensure that the dog is happy enough, playing time offers many exercise and provocation for the brain. Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility and dog owners are not something to take lightly but this work will help the family in building a bond of trust and love with a valuable new member of the family. Feed your dog with a quality food for dogs. Read carefully the description of a potential food. The first few ingredients should be some type of meat not by-product or grain. This will help you know the food is good high protein, not just filling.   Give food to your dog on a regular basis. It is suggested that you give food to your dog two times a day. Calculate the appropriate amount to feed your dog every day, which is in the packaging of dog food as a rule and divide that number by two. Give food to your dog in the 1st half in the morning and the 2nd half  in the night.   Be sure that you have a best trustworthy vet A better way to select a vet to see if he or she responds […]

Basic Tips & Advice For Dog Lovers To Take Care Of The Dogs

Dogs are not only known for their loyalties, but they are very good companion for humans because they offer unconditional love to their owner and also they have been a wonderful companion to their owners, but before your bring them home it’s important that you keep their health and happiness a top priority. Dog feeding The  feeding habits of dog species vary according to age, Puppies need to be fed five times a day, this can be reduced gradually to four, three and twice daily as dog grows up. One should stick to single variety of good quality of balanced feed as low quality feed generates more waste and dog ends up eating extra, over supplementing of food add to weight so should be avoided. Do not try to encourage your dog to feed on food thrown from table while you are eating as this spoils feeding habits as well as behaviour of dog. Keep plenty drinkable water always in reach of dog to avoid dehydration. What not to feed There are number food items suitable for humans but same foods are not suitable for dogs so avoid such items like, Alcohol, Avocado, some sweetener foods, coffee, onion garlic, fruit seeds, and chocolates Dog Health Care It is important aspects as it not only is must for dog’s health it also affects human health. In case you have puppies, visit veterinary practitioner to get your puppy timely vaccinated, especially for rabies. Besides this consult your veterinary doctor for special vaccination […]

Cool Canines: Ways to Keep your Pooch Happy in Hot Weather

With panting as the only option to help regulate their temperature, hot weather can be very uncomfortable for dogs. Making sure they don’t overheat and stay at a reasonable temperature is necessary for those living in hot climates or during the summer. Here are a few tips to help keep your dog happy and healthy when the temperatures are rising. Walk in Early Morning or Evening: Avoiding the midday sun is key to keeping your dog happy. While your dog may typically prefer going on several walks throughout the day, try to  make them short when the sun is beating down. Early morning walks help to beat the heat, as to those in the evening, or even night if proper reflective and lighting gear is worn. Keep on the Grass: When walking your dog, remember his paws are going to feel the heat of the asphalt, and in some cases, it could even burn them. Sand can also get very hot, so try to let your dog walk in grassed areas when the sun has been beating down on the ground. Your dog’s paws will thank you for it. Stay in the Shade: If you have a fenced yard or your dog goes outside on a lead, make sure there is a shaded area for your dog. Dog houses can get very hot with the sun beating down on them, so unless it has great ventilation, be cautious of your dog laying in them. Some people set up canopies outdoors […]

Warm Woofers: Winter Ways to Make Sure Fido Stays Comfortable

For some dogs, winter is their favorite time of year, from cool weather to burrowing through the snow. For other dogs, especially those with very short hair, or dogs with arthritis, it is an uncomfortable season. Regardless of how much they like the season though, it’s important to make sure you keep your pet warm and healthy for the duration of the cold months. There are plenty of options to help keep your pup happy when the snow flies, so here are a just a few of them you try out to help your dog have a more pleasant winter experience. Limit your Time Outdoors: If your dog has tendencies to get cold easily, try to move most of your exercise activities indoors. A short walk combined with indoor play can give your dog the energy release she needs. Try playing tug of war, or rolling a ball down a hallway. You can also try to encourage your dog to go on a scavenger hunt. Fill a favorite toy with an aromatic treat, let the dog take a whiff, and hide it somewhere in the house for her to find. Protect those Paws: For dogs who love being outdoors in the winter, it is your job to make sure they’re not getting too cold. Some dogs get so engrossed in playing outdoors that they don’t even realize they are cold. If you can, coax your pooch into wearing booties. This will protect their paws from the cold, and keep salt […]

Tips for Adopting Your Next Dog

Adopting dogs and rescuing them from shelters is a rewarding and mutually beneficial way to meet a great pet. Dogs are saved from situations that may have not been ideal, while you provide them with the loving home they so rightfully deserve. Many people are hesitant about adopting a pet, as they don’t know its history, but with a little patience and understanding it can be a very rewarding situation. Don’t just stick to puppies: While many shelters and animal adoption agencies do offer puppies, consider instead adopting an adult dog. Puppies require a lot of patience and hard work to make them into well behaved adult dogs. By adopting an adult, even if they are only two or three years old, you’re getting a dog whose personality has already developed and hopefully has learned appropriate behavior. With a fully formed personality, it is easier to see if the dog is an appropriate match for your family. Consider an old dog: It your lifestyle is slow paced, consider adopting an elderly dog. These dogs often have reduced fees in hopes that they are able to find a home quicker in which they can enjoy their limited golden years. Many of these dogs aren’t used to a shelter atmosphere and sleeping in a kennel can be very upsetting to them. Adopting an elder dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience because the dogs have had so many years to learn how to love and just want a place to call home […]

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